Why are most opportunity reviews negative?

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If you’ve been reading the reviews here, you’ve probably realized that the majority of them end up being negative reviews. “What’s up with that?”, you might ask. Am I just another “hater”? LOL.

Well, here is why you’ll find most of my reviews to lean towards the so-called negative side.

Many Opportunities Are Overhyped Garbage

That’s right, folks. Many internet “opportunities” are either outright scams or operate on the darker side of the grey area of the law.

My reviews are based on a whether or not what’s being promoted is a viable product or service that could survive in the market without a compensation plan attached and whether or not the company and it’s affiliates are more focused on sales or recruiting. If the primary reason you are buying a product or service is because you have to in order to qualify for compensation, then you should be questioning the sincerity of your belief in the product.

Many of us tend to fool ourselves into thinking something is of higher quality or more valuable than it is when it’s tied to our dreams of financial freedom. That’s just human nature. When evaluating what you will be selling in an opportunity, you need to take the emotion out of it and truly analyze the value of what you’ll be offering.

If you let your heart, hopes, and dreams determine the value, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and increasing the likelihood that you’ll end up pitching pyramids and ponzis to those you claim to be trying to help achieve their own dreams.

The Worst Opportunities Are Easier To Find

To be honest, legitimate opportunities are bit more difficult to find because they aren’t promoted as heavily as so many of the make money doing nothing scams that infest the internet.

Usually, I let the subject matter come to me while surfing the ‘net on a daily basis. Opportunities that are focused on their products and services more than recruiting don’t get nearly the same amount of play online that the easy money scams do, so most of what I stumble on is on the shady side.

An Early Warning System Against Potential Scams

Have you ever heard of Zeek Rewards, TelexFree, Traffic Monsoon, the Achieve Community or My Advertising Pays? Maybe, maybe not.

Four out the five listed above were shut down by authorities, and one collapsed on its own. With these types of questionable operations, by the time members realize they are in a scam, it’s too late.

Long before authorities step in or the inevitable collapse of mathematically unsustainable business models, i.e, ponzis, occur, many skeptics/critics/haters warn about the inevitable.

As for me, you could say my “scambusting” life began sometime in April 2004 when this site was built around a discussion forum. A couple members/partners were actively promoting something called Your Money Machine Success System(YMMSS), a ponzi doubler/cycler which sold advertising(sound familiar 😉 ) and would double your money every 60-90 days.

This ponzi was incredibly well run and “paid” on time, every time for 2-3 years. I put the word paid in quotes because the simple reason it lasted so long is because most people were being paid on screen only. Why? Because the whole goal was to create a full-time income, most members wouldn’t cash out, but would simply let their money keep rolling over. This significantly reduced the amount of real revenue necessary to keep the ponzi rolling and is how many scams run for quite a while.

I don’t want to ramble on, so if you’re interested in reading further, you can see the archived version of my early warning page here and the archived version of the brief discussion we had about it on our forums here.

That initial early warning page quickly evolved into YMMSS Scam or Not? Updates, which eventually led to the creation of these pages as well:

Because YMMSS had been promoted on this site by trusted colleagues, I took it personally. I knew it would end badly for so many people. At some point, I was invited to be a moderator on an anti-scam forum which had a section dedicated to YMMSS. Over a two year period, I spent countless hours on this crusade.

Like many so-called “haters”, I was ridiculed and even had the company hinting at legal action against me. By the time it officially collapsed sometime in 2006, I was mentally and emotionally spent. People lost homes and retirement savings. Families were torn apart.

The whole wretched experience burned me out and essentially chased me off the internet. Over a decade later, I’m still not fully recovered from seeing up close how much damage these scams can do.

As I get back into it a little bit, I certainly don’t intend to get as emotionally involved. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to just being a messenger and not letting myself get too wrapped up in any crusades.

Traffic and Revenue

When they aren’t calling those of us who write negative reviews about the opportunities they promote names like dream stealers, haters, losers, etc., supporters of the programs in question like to claim our sole purpose in writing negative reviews is to draw traffic and make money. Not quite. 😉

Don’t you find it a bit hypocritical that people who are trying to earn commissions by recruiting you into their possibly shady businesses have an issue with others online sharing a different opinion in order to drive traffic and yes, possibly earn revenue if they are offering what they feel is a better way. As for this site, yep, I monetize it with contextual advertising and various ads for affiliate products and/or products. Depending on what I’m reviewing, ads may or may not be mixed into the content.

When promoters write articles about their opportunity, they often include words like scam in the title and content because they know that’s one thing people will be searching for and it can be relatively easy to rank well. Whether I like their opportunity or not, that’s simply smart SEO. We critics do it for the same reason.

As it pertains to the negative review posts I make, I truly don’t give a damn whether anyone reading them generates any revenue for this site. I write other articles here and elsewhere to do that.

The traffic generated by the reviews will help the rest of the site gain more authority in the search engines and that is an important secondary reason for writing negative reviews.

The primary reason always has been and always will be to give those looking for info food for thought outside of the recruiting pitch they’re being fed by those promoting possible scams.

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