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Many of us want to make money working from home.  Most of us never make a dime.  Why?

  • Information overload:  so many options and techniques we don’t know which end is up.
  • Scams:  stop falling for the hype that this internet marketing thing is easy.  It’s not.
  • Lack of focus:  by trying to do too many things, we have very little success.
  • Lack of guidance:  even with several billion people online, the struggling internet marketer often feels all alone.
  • and a multitude of other distractions, delays, etc. that frustrate internet marketers into finally giving up

Never, ever quit working towards building a better life.

Work At Home Network is a growing community of people just like you.  We have some who are struggling, some who are having a little success here and there, and many of us are working towards creating a full time income working from home with internet marketing.

Don’t go through your journey alone.  Let us be there to pick you up when you’re down and to praise you when you have a breakthrough.  Together, we can achieve anything.

On our site you will find home business resources, marketing tips, and ideas to help make you successful in both internet marketing businesses and traditional work from home businesses covering some of the following material:

  • Affiliate Marketing/Affiliate Programs and Networks
  • Work At Home Jobs and Careers
  • Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, and Demo work
  • Freelance work
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization(SEO/SEM)
  • Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Autoresponders
  • Avoiding Scams and Hype
  • And much, much more

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Work At Home Network is run with the following principles that we feel set us apart from your average home business resource:

  • No Hype – if you are looking for “pie in the sky” promises of easy wealth without persistent and consistent effort, you’ll need to look elsewhere. To succeed long term, you need effort, motivation, persistence, drive, determination, and even a little sprinkle of luck here and there. There is always risk involved and quite frankly there are times when you won’t get out of it what you put into it.
  • No Scams – so many of the “opportunities” promoted on and off the web are nothing but scams and hype. Don’t fall for them. Many scams are geared towards the naive and desperate. Don’t let your heart overrule your head in business matters.
  • No gurus, please – the vast majority of so called “gurus” out there are searching for lemmings who will follow them around with an open wallet hoping the next little nugget they buy will unlock the secret of wild success. If there truly were any secrets to being successful, nobody would be selling them to you for $19.95, or any price. At best, you might get some decent information you can use to start building a solid foundation for a successful business. The resources we provide and link to will help you build that solid foundation, and most are free.
  • K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Stupid(or Sweetie if your want a more positive affirmation  ) Although technology keeps getting more and more complex, the processes for building a successful long term business business remain constant:
    • Finding a need and filling it
    • Communicating with customers, partners, employees, etc.
    • Following up – almost every one of us could improve in this vital area
    • Goal setting and evaluation – you know the old adage, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Create goals and make plans to achieve them. Then evaluate and do it again.
    • Testing and analysis to see what works and what doesn’t in your marketing efforts – all the complex technology makes this easier than ever
    • Appreciation/Gratitude – face it, even if you’re a sole proprietor, you aren’t succeeding alone. Whether it’s the customers who trust you enough to buy from you, a business associate who gave you some sound advice or helped solve a problem, a networking group that has provided some solid leads, or just friends and family who support and encourage you, we all need to recognize and acknowledge those who have any small part in our success. Expressing your sincere gratitude is just another basic business building block that we all often overlook.
  • No Promises, No Guarantees of Success – No matter what you read elsewhere, you need to understand that there are absolutely no guarantees that you will succeed. Most people who go into business for themselves will fail. That’s a fact. We don’t have to accept failure as a finality, but accepting the fact that the odds are not in our favor makes it easier to deal with the inherent struggles that we will all go through from time to time. If you believe it’s going to be easy, you’re more likely to give up when you hit those unavoidable bumps in the road to success.
  • Nuts and Bolts – Work At Home Network is not about “secrets” to success. We are about the simple things that virtually all successful businesses do to be successful. Build a solid foundation, create specific goals, create and implement a plan of action, then do it. Reevaluate when necessary. Know when to cut your losses, and know when to devote more energy and resources to what’s working.
  • Common Sense – or is it uncommon sense? It all boils down to this. Deep down, most of us are intelligent enough to know what needs to be done, but very few are willing to do it. For the majority, it’s much easier and less risky to punch a time clock for someone else every day. And it’s also easier to believe in the hype and scams that abound in this world regarding running your own business. Overriding our common sense allows us to lay the blame for our lack of success at someone else’s feet. Most of us have many flaws and insecurities that will create roadblocks to our success. Ackowledge and overcome them. It isn’t easy for most of us, but we can do it.

You can build a successful work at home career. But will you? The decision is yours.

Enjoy our site and take advantage of the tremendous home business resources we offer.

Best wishes for your success,

Chris Bailey

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