Are you a no call, no show in your business

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No Call, No ShowAhhh… time freedom….being your own boss….no more punching the clock for someone else.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  It’s such a great dream many of us have.

Well, it is a great dream, and a great goal.  However, it isn’t an easy one for many of us to achieve.

If you’ve ever been at any level of management in your career, you may have noticed that sometimes being in charge of others can suck.

Have you ever had an employee just not show up?  The old dreaded “no call, no show” can really screw up your day and hinder accomplishing what needs to be done.  It throws you off schedule and inconveniences everyone.  I hate it when an employee does that.

Well, guess what?  When you make the decision to be your own boss online, you just may end up with one of the most difficult and unreliable employees you’ve ever had to handle …. you!!

Being in charge of your own time clock can be a problem if you let it.  How often are you a no call, no show in your online business?

Do you treat your online endeavors as if they are attendance optional events or have you made the effort to set up a schedule for when you’ll be working on them in much the same way that you have a schedule each week for your regular job?

Can you just blow off your day job when you feel too tired or think you’re too busy to go to work?  Probably not.  You shouldn’t treat your online efforts with any less diligence.

Personally, I had some moderate success over the years just “winging it”.  After shutting it all down and stepping away for quite a few years, I’ve had trouble even doing that and as I work on building an online presence that is far more stable and much less opportunity peddling oriented, I realize that I actually need to force myself to be productive on a routine basis.  It does not come easy for me.  What can I say, I’m an anarchist. 🙂

While there is nothing that can guarantee that you won’t blow off working on your online business, here are a few very simple suggestions to help you become more efficient and reliable in your online efforts:

  • Schedule your play time and your work time(and adhere to it).
  • Have your work space set up where you are as free from distractions as possible.
  • Set achievable goals for every day and continue to tweak them up or down as necessary.
  • Either turn off or learn to ignore all those damn notifications you get on your PC, laptop, cell phone, etc.
  • Don’t spend too much time checking “stats”.  It can be a time suck and if you’re just starting out, you probably don’t need to check on things much more than once a month.  This is one of my many weaknesses.
  • Make sure that you do leave yourself some time to enjoy life once in a while if/when necessary in order to reboot.  If you’re working on projects that you enjoy and are passionate about, it may not be needed very often.  However, even writing about subjects you enjoy can become tedious and stressful when your hopes and dreams are tied to it.
  • If available, an accountability partner or group can sometimes “guilt” you into being consistently productive until it becomes a habit, so it might be worth a shot.  I’ve only tried this once and both of us were terrible at it.  I may give this a shot again in the future.

Not exactly groundbreaking suggestions, right?  Right.  This isn’t rocket science and you probably already know just about everything you need to do.  The hardest part is simply doing it….. consistently.

Feel free to share any ideas in the comments that you’ve used to keep yourself motivated to show up every day.

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