How to find profitable niche markets online

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Okay, so you’ve decided to give this affiliate marketing thing a shot and now you’re just staring at your computer Find a profitable nichewondering exactly how in the world you can find profitable niche markets to make some money in.

If you’re anything like me, you are probably overthinking things. With all the SEO tools, tips, gurus, forums, etc. out there, you might be under the illusion that this crap is like rocket science.

Guess what? It’s not. For better or worse, there is really no one single sure fire method to find profitable niche markets online and IMO, that’s a good thing. In reality, as long as whatever niche you’ve chosen has products and/or services that you can promote, you can find a way to make money from it.

How to choose a niche

With all of the “experts”, tools, and random advice online your how may start spinning on exactly how to choose a niche. Again, not rocket science and there isn’t necessarily one “right” way to do it?

Should you write about something you’re really interested in, i.e. a hobby, a favorite pastime, a fascinating subject? Sure, that can work.

Should you write about things that are trending? Sure, that can work.

Should you write about more popular things that will always be of interest(aka evergreen content) to many online searchers, i.e. health, wealth, love, etc.? Sure, that can work.

Should you focus on topics that give you the opportunity to promote high ticket items with larger commissions or should you focus on lower ticket items that you can sell in greater quantities? Yes.

LOL, that was so very helpful, right? 🙂

Again, there is not necessarily one right answer for any of those questions. The right answer for me might not be the right answer for you in the long run. For most of us, becoming successful online is a marathon, not a sprint. For some of us, it’s a multitude of marathons before we actually piece it all together.

In my case, I’ve opted for a mixture of all of the above. I have two primary sites geared towards revenue generation. One is this site which covers topics I’ve always been interested in, that being issues in the work at home world. The other site is a review site which is focused on more mainstream products.

Additionally, I have a personal site where I bitch at myself for my progress or lack thereof and I have a site that probably won’t get much attention until I hit my goal of generating a stable full time income from home and am able to hit the road in an RV.

If you’re just starting out, it might be best to stick with one site/subject and go from there. This can be especially true if you are really pressed for time like so many are these days.

Starting out with a topic or niche that really interests you might be a good idea right out of the gate. In order to get anywhere, you will want to create regular content at least several times per week. That might be easier to do at the beginning if you actually enjoy your topic.

In the long run though, even writing about topics you enjoy might become tedious or if the topic is narrow it will be harder to come up with fresh content. No matter what you decide to go with, you will need to treat this like a job and set up and follow a schedule. Consistency is one of the biggest keys IMO and it’s something that so many of have a hard time achieving.

Niche keyword research

Okay, now that you have at least a general idea of which direction you are going to go, you’ll probably want to drill down on some specific topics to write about. Many of us use some sort of keyword tool to assist us in hopefully improving our chances of ranking on the first page of the SERPs. BTW, you’ll find that over time as you add more content and your site becomes more established, ranking well often becomes easier.

You can Google seo tools, keyword tools, or other variations to find some of the more popular ones out there. Throw the word free into the search as well if you aren’t interested in paying for such a tool at this point. Just like opinions, the prices vary widely.

As for me, I currently use a tool called Jaaxy, which was created by the guys who run the Wealthy Affiliate training platform. It can be purchased separately or if you’re a premium member at WA, they offer a steep discount on it.

As an example, for this particular post, I did a quick analysis and picked out 3 different longtail keywords to include in the post. If it were a post really geared towards selling something, I would most likely have dug a little bit deeper, but the keywords I did go with seemed pretty decent. Time will tell.


Obviously, I try not to make finding profitable niche markets into some difficult science project. Hell, you can find quite a few examples out there of people who don’t even bother with SEO and get great results. They write from the heart and they write frequently.

In reality, just about any niche can be profitable.

The most important thing is just getting to work and being consistent. Tweak as you go and make sure you’re committed to the long haul.

Best wishes in your journey and feel free to leave your comments(good and bad) below.

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