OneCoin “fake news” will be used to distract from real issues

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OneCoin fake newsUnfortunately, when a blogger/”hater” makes an error or lapse in judgment when reporting on a scam or alleged scam, the supporters of the opportunities targeted in the reports will often attack like a school of starving red piranha ripping into their prey. They thrive on these errors and use them in an attempt to discredit and distract from every other valid point the blogger might make.

Trust, but verify

The recent OneCoin/OneLife event held in Macau from May 6 – May 8, 2017 is a perfect example of this phenomenon. The Gerlach Report, a relative newcomer to the OneCoin-OneLife is a scam blogosphere reported that the event was going to be prevented by the authorities in Macau at the behest of Chinese authorities, even allegedly quoting members of the Macau police.

The Gerlach Report was the only known source of this information and nobody else seemed to have this inside scoop. Perhaps erroneously accepting that just maybe The Gerlach Report had some inside sources and trusting that they wouldn’t simply make up quotes from Macau authorities, numerous anti-OneCoin activists and bloggers put the information out there.

The final activities of the weekend have now finished up and as far as anyone knows or has said, there were no interruptions or legal actions taken at the site.

An update from the Gerlach Report makes some pretty fanciful claims as to why nothing happened.  At this point, and for the foreseeable future, info from there will be far less credible to many of us.

Hopefully, this is a lesson learned for those legitimately attempting to fight scams. At the very least, when you run with such a dramatic story from sources other than your own, you would be best served to add extra emphasis on who is making such a claim and that it is completely unconfirmed.

Damaged Credibility: Perhaps, but it probably shouldn’t be

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all made a mistake or two in our lives.

Should this mistake by anti-OneCoin bloggers and activists render everything else they’ve said or done moot, no matter how accurate or sensible it may have been? Absolutely not.

But if you listen to OneCoin-OneLife supporters and leaders, this error by the “haters” proves without a doubt that everything else they’ve said is all lies. From this point forward, much of the criticism or “negative” information given about their beloved OneCoin will be ignored and they will attempt to dismiss those issues by diverting the argument towards this OneCoin “fake news” event.

It’s a classic diversion technique

While this faux paus will have little to no impact on the mindsets of either OneCoin supporters or OneCoin “haters”, it can be used by promoters of the scheme as an additional weapon in their arsenal of diversion tactics when attempting to recruit new members with legitimate concerns.

A typical example of a diversion tactic in an outright or borderline scam would happen in a situation where you ask your recruiter if their opportunity is or why their opportunity isn’t a pyramid or ponzi scheme.

Instead of answering your question directly, they will simply attempt to distract your thoughts away from those concerns by bringing up such notions as businesses or governments being built in a pyramid shape, Social Security or some other government system being a ponzi, etc.

They simply can’t explain why almost nobody outside of the opportunity has any interest in the products(pyramid scheme) or how where the money comes from to pay the ROI, whether promised outright or implied, that members expect(ponzi)

With the OneCoin-OneLife fake news event, many recruiters will now use this on their prospects anytime they bring up some of the many legitimate issues raised by bloggers.

The real issues prospects will be told to ignore

There are so many valid concerns about the legitimacy of OneCoin-OneLife that I won’t be getting into all of them in this article, but here are just a few of the major concerns I would have if someone were trying to recruit me into OneCoin. And if you have the same concerns after reading this site or the site of any OneCoin “haters”, you may be advised to ignore us because of the Macau “fake news”.

Why is OneCoin restricted from the U.S.?

Surely, a legitimate MLM selling valuable financial education wouldn’t have any issues doing business in the United States, right?

Apparently not for OneCoin-OneLife, where you received the following message if you attempt to visit either site from a U.S. based IP address.

This Company does not work on the territory of the United States. For questions please contact customer support:

A follow up question would then be if OneCoin is not permitted in the U.S., why is U.S. based OneCoin-OneLife promoter and convicted felon Tom McMurrain allowed to target U.S. based users with a VPN workaround.

If the companies truly do “not work on the territory of the United States”, anyone based here should not be allowed to have an account. They should be refunded the money for the purchase of any “education” packages and sent on their merry way.

And if OneCoin-OneLife is legitimate, why were U.S. citizens allowed to join in the first place? The message on their sites has only started appearing in the last few weeks.

This illustrates that OneCoin was and continues to knowingly operate illegally in the United States.

Ruja Ignatova claims 2.1 billion coins can’t be increased…..and then increases to 120 billion??

Even if I weren’t a OneCoin-OneLife skeptic, this issue alone would show me that everything isn’t on the up and up with OneCoin.

Take 67 seconds out of your life and listen to the “visionary” Dr. Ruja Ignatova’s own words about the “commitment” to 2.1 billion coins

Just in case you dont like videos or it happens to disappear, here is the transcript(emphasis added by me):

Cryptocurrency has one very special thing. In the beginning when you create a cryptocurrency you have to make a commitment. It’s like getting married but worse, because you can not go back. So…no divorce.

So you go back and you say that this is the amount of currency that I will create. Not more. Not less. This is it. It’s a code. It’s a mathematical equation

You can not change it. You can not discuss with mathematics. It’s how it is.

So we make a commitment in the beginning and for onecoin it is 2.1 billion coins

And once we switch on the mining this is it

I can not print more money

Even if i think ohhhh this network is growing so fast let’s make 5 billion out of it… impossible

It’s gone. This is it.

So we can not do it

So this is something very very special that gives cryptocurrency value

It is almost like gold. You know, we have a limited resource of gold in the world and this is it.

We mine it. It’s gone. It’s over.

The only thing we can do is to be responsible with gold to recycle it but we can not create new gold.

And this is the same with cryptocurrency.

Soooo, I guess Ruja did figure out a way to print more money, eh?

I’m certainly no crytpocurrency expert, but if the self-labeled “CryptoQueen” can’t make up her mind and stick with a story, why should I believe anything about OneCoin is legit.

OneCoin affiliate arrests in China, India, Kazakhstan, etc.

Yep, there will always be bad people/affiliates who do bad things, even in a legal MLM.

But the arrests of OneCoin affiliates in multiple countries illustrates that, at the very least, OneCoin doesn’t do much to enforce any ethical policies it pretends to have. In reality, it shows that more and more countries are waking up and taking action against promoters of the company.

Blockchain or no blockchain. That is the question.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts claim to have done numerous tests in fake and/or abandoned OneCoin accounts they have access to in an attempt to verify if there actually was a OneCoin blockchain.

Their results have led them to conclude that OneCoin does not have an actual blockchain. Instead, transactions are kept and calculated in an SQL database.

The lack of a whitepaper detailing how their alleged blockchain works has also been a small thorn in OneCoin’s side.

That was supposed to be remedied at the “cancelled” Macau event as well. Instead of showing this alleged whitepaper to the crowd during the main part of the event on Sunday, May 7, any members who wanted to get that information needed to stay for special training on Monday, May 8.

And there was further disappointment and deceit as the whitepaper was not shown. There’s more drama to it, but I’m not going to cover it here.

The myriad of warnings, bannings, and investigations of OneCoin worldwide.

No less than 20 countries have issued warnings about OneCoin, started investigations into their operations, or outright banned OneCoin activity in their country.

Italian and German regulators have both banned OneCoin-OneLife from being promoted in their respective countries.

Millions of dollars have been seized or frozen around the world in various OneCoin accounts and those of numerous OneCoin affiliates.

Those were just a few of the various issues you will be told to ignore due to the “fake news” of the OneCoin-OneLife Macau 2017 Global Event.

Don’t believe the OneCoin recruiters. Don’t believe the so-called “haters”

Do your own research and good luck.

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