Stop letting distractions hold you back

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Just Do ItStop letting distractions hold you back from building your online success story

If you truly want to make money online, eliminating or at least greatly reducing distractions is among the most important things needed to help you stay focused and accomplish your goals.

Now more than ever before, distractions are a constant threat to our productivity online and off. We have the old distractions of phone calls, television, kids, pets, plus all of the relatively new distractions such as the myriad of notifications we receive for email, texts, tweets, etc.

I continue to fight them every day. This post, for example, took several months to complete because I didn’t sit myself down in a nice distraction free setting in order to finish it up in short order. This should have taken me 30-60 minutes tops to finish, but I let myself get distracted and sidetracked. If I don’t improve on this, my chances of success are virtually nonexistent.

Okay, so that’s one of those “do as I say, not as I do” lessons if you actually want to get ahead in this internet marketing world. 🙂

With that said, here is a partial list of distractions that I need to continually work at overcoming as I continue to evolve.

  • Stats: Why I think it helps to stare multiple times daily at various stats that aren’t improving is beyond comprehension, but this is something I have done in the past and am finally overcoming
  • Leisure surfing – for me it’s anti-scam sites: I recently swore these off and lasted a few days without visiting, but then relapsed. Now I’m swearing them off again. I strongly dislike scammers and people who mislead others into thinking that it’s so easy to make money online. I will eventually let myself get back into the anti-scam world but I need to fix my own internet marketing house first.
  • Social networks: I don’t do a whole lot on social networking sites. Mostly I see what suspected scammers are up to, but occasionally I find myself getting sucked into reading stories and then the myriad of ridiculous comments that often follow. I need to stop that and simply be a bit more productive when I’m on the social sites.
  • “Learning” without doing: Guess what, you’ll never know it all. There will always be more to know and learn. Don’t put off doing to keep learning. This is a learn as you go enterprise and by doing more you will actually gain some knowledge that isn’t often shared. No matter how much you know, you’ll still make plenty of mistakes.

Okay, those are a few of the main distracting culprits in my world.

Feel free to share some of the things that you let hold you back from doing what you need to do in the comments.

Just remember, every day is a new opportunity to move forward.

Best wishes for your success.

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Bill Paff


You have a good “voice” in your composing of your your web site. I hope you continue with it. Here’s hoping the distractions you mention don’t get in the way. Never give up!

Bill Paff

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