Crap, ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum is shutting down

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ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing ForumDamn, just when I’m finally getting back into affiliate marketing and starting to go visit some of my favorite old online haunts, I run into this unwelcomed message at ABestWeb.

We appreciate the enormous support that our ABestWeb community has experienced over the many years it has served its members and sponsors. Unfortunately, the affiliate marketplace has been steadily declining for a while now. As a result, we have decided to exit this business.


We have placed the property up for sale and we are actively entertaining interest. If you have any interest please contact Anupam Palit at  Anupam.Palit (at)


In the meantime, community members will be able to read but not post to ABestWeb beginning on Jan. 18.


We want to thank you for your numerous contributions and your ongoing support. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Marcia Parker, Executive Director, Content, Penton

You think some things will last forever, and ABestWeb seemed like a place that would never die.

But, as the message says, the ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing forum is essentially closing its doors and the forums will be read only beinging January 18, 2016.

What a major bummer.

This was such a shock to me when I visited there earlier this evening. ABestWeb was one of the very first places where I started to really develop an interest in affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, I have to call bullsh!t on the part of their statement that says “Unfortunately, the affiliate marketplace has been steadily declining for a while now”.

Corporate GreedWhile I was away from the internet world, ABW was sold by the original owner, Haiko de Poel Jr., and the forum essentially became the property of corporate entities. Haiko actually had passion for the affiliate marketing community, while corporations are generally interested in one thing and one thing only, the bottom line.

I can’t say for sure, but I’d have to guess that the size of the community and the required upkeep probably wouldn’t have padded the corporate owners’ pockets enough to justify proper upkeep on the community. And the new ownership sure as hell wouldn’t be willing to take on the merchants and networks like the old ABW did to call out the thieves and dirty players in the industry.

In a post from July, 2011, one blogger posted the article “With The Shakeup At ABestWeb Will The Forum Thrive Or Die?”  It took 4 1/2 more years for the official death knell to be sounded, but it looks like ABW was pretty much dead the moment Haiko handed over the keys in October, 2009.

Such a shame to see such a great resource ruined by piss poor management. Oh well, nothing new there once a corporation gets involved.

I have a few other favorite affiliate forums that I’ll go back to, but ABestWeb was like a first love who just died. 🙁

It’s just a real bummer.

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Philippe Moisan

Hey Chris,

What are the other affiliate forums you like?



Damn, just heard about this and this was the first site I cam to when searching for abestweb. I was away from the affiliate marketing world for years and thought I would try and get back into it. I was one of the first members and followed him over from the commission junction forums. That is how he started that site, spammed the heck out of the commission junction forums. He is right, the game… Read more »

Tony Macholtz

is this site still active? We were CJ performers back in the day. but the divorce fixed that 🙂 Thinking about seeing what is shaking,,, seems had now days.

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